Roger H. Boulet’s long career as a curator and administrator in public art galleries includes posts at the Whyte Gallery in Banff, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Burnaby Art Gallery, and the Alberta Gallery of Art. Many years as a freelance curator and writer have included work for the Kamloops Art Gallery, the Kelowna Art Gallery, and the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. His long list of publications include significant works on Bell-Smith, Walter J. Phillips and the Glenbow’s Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway (2009). He has contributed essays to exhibition publications for the Burnaby Art Gallery, the Kamloops Art Gallery, the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Audain Museum of Art (Whistler). He lives in Summerland, BC.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alison Marshall said:

    Dear Mr. Roger Boulet,
    I have come across this coloured woodblock of “Mary at the Lake 1920” in the attic of my uncle. I am trying to figure out the providence of the artwork. Your name comes out in a stamp saying 121/150. Is this an original W. J Phillips or, as curator, did you reproduce this as part of an exhibit?

    Thank you for your time,



    • I have no idea what exactly you are saying and how “my name comes out in a stamp saying 121/150.” The print may have been reproduced but certainly not as a part of an exhibit that I know of. I would have to see an image of what you are describing here to offer any opinion on the matter.


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